New York City Date Announced!

Attention New Yorkers and East Coasters! I’m pleased to announce a special performance next month, July 19th at the Drawing Room in Brooklyn. It’s been awhile since I’ve played that side of the Atlantic and I’m looking forward to revisiting my old stomping grounds.



Also, when you have a moment, head over to Whirlwind Recordings where they have a great 2 for 1 offer on at the moment as part of their Summer Sale. You can get a CD copy of my latest album Coalescence and get a free digital copy of my first albumForward Space. The same offer applies to lots of other great music from their vast, world-class catalogue which I strongly urge you to check out! More info HERE.



For the past two weeks, I’ve been touring the UK with Dee Byrne’s Entropi to celebrate the release of the band’s debut album New Era. The tour was expertly organised byLUME and funded by Arts Council England and took two bands (12 musicians) to Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol, London, Derby and Cardiff.



Before heading to the US for the summer, I’ll be playing with Paulo Duarte’s Overground Collective at The Vortex in London on Tuesday, July 14th. This is an exciting band who are well worth hearing, so don’t miss!