Happy Birthday Forward Space and The Year Ahead

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Forward Space. In case you missed it, Whirlwind Recordings offered a free promotional download from the album which is still available – CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

But enough about 2012 already – the year ahead is looking to be a momentous one! We’re going back into the studio in March to record the next album, due out late 2013 on Whirlwind and tour dates are stacking up fast. More details to be revealed later…

We’re also thrilled to be back at The Forge in Camden for our next London show on 31st May. Click HERE for more information and tickets.

Also, this week I’ll be playing with Danish bassist Henrik Jensen’s band (with Esben Tjalve and Peter Ibbetson) at the relatively new east London venue, The Hackney Cut. That’s Thursday, 24th January. More info here.