Coalescence Guardian Review

Happy New Year! 2014 off to a great start with this review of Coalescence in yesterday’s Guardian:

With 2012’s Forward Space, young, London-resident US trumpeter Andre Canniere showed glimpses of an unusual fluency and freedom within the context of a dense and rhythmically intricate contemporary-jazz sound. Coalescence does a similar thing better, with Canniere’s accomplished local band (including pianist Ivo Neame and guitarist Hannes Riepler) having audibly deepened their understanding on the road. The opening track unwinds with a capriciously authoritative long piano break from Neame, who delivers some of the most confidently imaginative playing he has recorded. The set then eases through pieces that sound like hymns with hip-hop drums beneath and fluttering, warmly Iberian trumpet lines within; solemn rhythm-puzzles of quizzical melodies above snappy bass-hooks and backbeats; mournful, precisely intoned trumpet ballads; and percussively punchy, melodically startling themes like the hypnotic Point Zero, in which the group’s characteristic guitar/brass tonal mix is strikingly deployed. The compositions are audaciously crafted works from an imaginative newcomer, and the playing is just as good.